3 Life Lessons from Surfing

I’ve been visiting the beach more frequently lately and it’s been equal parts therapeutic and exhilarating. In the past month, I’ve been to the surf town San Juan, La Union thrice with different groups of friends and each time has been the kind of adventure I’ve been needing. I’ve grown to love surfing too! I guess I really am a water baby as the only sports I feel relatively confident in are surfing & swimming, both in my element. 

Here are a few life lessons I picked up as a beginner surfer:

1. Leave your ego at the shore. You never know what the current will bring. You have to trust your instructors, and accept that their experience with the sea far outweighs yours. 

2. When you wipeout, paddling back out to the lineup can be the hardest and most tiring part of surfing but it’s well worth the chance to try and ride another wave.

3. You are incredibly lucky to be alive, well and in the middle of the ocean! So enjoy the ride and the view! After all, it’s all play and practice. 🏄‍♀️

I’m already looking forward to my next surf trip. Next stop Siargao, perhaps?

With love and intensity,



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