blink and you’ll miss the feeling
the precious in the mundane,
the for-granted-ness of the everyday

we hold out for gold in the milestones
when we should be counting
the penny joys of Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday
and realize we have not been short changed
by the ordinary
on the contrary
we have the miracle of today’s beating heart and lungs that still carry air
enough for a few more decades in us left
to find the meaning that glows in the
in betweens
so all at once
hear the happy hum of the million
anonymous moments
that make the weeks worth living
a-buzz with promise

because life is not a bunch of Sundays
strung together
nor is it an endless scroll
from one checked box
to another, no
all that we can be sure of
is that Life is now and
now is now
now is now
now is now.

-Bea Policarpio 

#polipoetry #midnightpoems

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