To celebrate my 23rd birthday and the completion of #100daysofpolipaints, I threw an ART + ALCOHOL birthday bash at home!!! Setting a theme for my party made it 100x more fun!

I’m 23!!!
23rd Birthday Party-24.jpg
First guests to try out the art corner!
23rd Birthday Party-87.jpg
Fam pic! Missing Ica
23rd Birthday Party-52.jpg
High school friends ❤

There was a lot of paint supplies and booze to go around, just the way I like my parties. My mom had the excellent idea of displaying some of my favorite artworks around our house so I kinda had a mini solo exhibit that night too! Sadly I didn’t get to photograph the other works I had up, so I guess you all just have to wait and see them at my first real solo exhibit! 😉

23rd Birthday Party-12.jpg
This party wouldn’t have been possible without my momager (with my piece “Experiments” on the wall behind us!)
23rd Birthday Party-95.jpg
Home art exhibit! (with my piece, “Where the Sky Meets the Sea”)
23rd Birthday Party-98.jpg
Star crossed ex lovers with my piece, “She’s a Work in Progress”

At first my friends were hesitant to try their hand at painting, but once we got the drinking going, the creative juices started flowing and people let their hidden artsy side loose. I didn’t actually get to paint at my own party, but watching everyone express themselves was so entertaining!!! It was both funny and fascinating to see everyone’s ~abstract~ ideas come to life. For most of them, it was their first time painting on canvas which really made me glad that I went the extra mile to provide complete supplies.

23rd Birthday Party-25.jpg
art + alcohol makes for some interesting pieces!
23rd Birthday Party-63.jpg
Anton & Cawiwi with their creations!
Take me home artworks
Jam, Kat & Marco’s masterpieces! Kat named her piece “Girl After Beer” LOL
23rd Birthday Party-100.jpg
Wis’ work in progress

If there’s one thing most of my friends know about me, it’s that I love parties. Haha! And I love throwing them almost as much as I love being invited to them. I love any reason to gather all my friends in one place to celebrate. Life’s too short to miss out on the chance to be surrounded by the people who keep life interesting and full of love. Getting to share some of my favorite activities—in this case, painting + partying haha—with some of my favorite people was the perfect recipe for a happy me.

Meanwhile at the beer pong table
The sweetest guy collected letters from friends for my birthday surprise ❤
My boss & werqmates showed up! We even got my boss to paint hahahaha
23rd Birthday Party-57.jpg
Youth friends ❤
23rd Birthday Party-6.jpg
An orange photo of me and my cousins 
My friends’ artworks!

It’s true what they say, sharing your happiness with others multiplies it! This definitely will not be the last time I throw an art party. Most of my guests went home that night with tipsy thoughts, a small taste of what #100daysofpolipaints felt like, and hopefully a little more faith in their inner artist!

Till the next tipsy night or art session, whichever comes first—


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