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I recently hit the 3rd quarter mark of #100daysofpolipaints! 🙂 So I’m down to the last few days (I’m currently at Day 88!) of my passion project! Honestly, it hasn’t been easy but it’s been so, so worth it. So much has happened to me this year, but actually following through on this one day at a time has made me infinitely happier and engaged in my daily life.
Day 52: Mixed media feelings~
Day 53: I call this one gum gum! Reminds me of my candy colored childhood
Day 54: Like Butter
Day 55: Waterfalls
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Day 56: An interesting bit of work in progress
Since my last progress update, I started attending art classes at Sunshine Place on Saturdays. Sunshine Place is actually a seniors recreation center, so yes, I’ve been shaking it up with my more veteran classmates at art class and it’s every bit as peaceful and pleasant as it sounds. Thanks to my generous and genius mentor Mr. Fidel Sarmiento, I’ve begun experimenting more with forms and creating new textures. I’ve also developed quite a fascination for waves and water, as you can tell in my later works.
Day 57: Young Love, dedicated to Korbin & Angela!
Day 58: She is a work in progress
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Day 59: River wild in me / Immerse me in Your mercy
Day 60: Fluorescent Adolescent
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Day 61: Water does not resist. Water flows. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Remember that you are half water. ~Margaret Atwood
Another big change for me was moving on to bigger size canvasses! It definitely took me a while to adjust to painting frames nearly as tall as me (haha) and recognizing my limitations. I learned that I can’t always expect to finish a piece a day, as much as I prefer to finish every artwork in one sitting. But as much as I enjoy my easel time, limiting my painting time to the first 2 hours of my morning has been a great exercise in discipline, considering that my bed is my absolute kryptonite. Usually, it’s either I get up early to paint, or I don’t at all. It’s been both glorious and frustrating.  
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Day 62: This is how I brainstorm
Day 63: What are you waiting for?
Day 64: My heart is a wild sea
Day 65: Starburst – commissioned by Boysen Paints Philippines
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Day 66: Gritty work
In this quarter, I’ve also enjoyed new collaborations and creating commissioned art! It’s been such a pleasure discovering people who believe in my art and want to contribute to my process. What a rush it is to create with specific people and spaces in mind. Nothing but gratitude for this season of opportunities and opened doors. This is only the beginning, I can feel it.
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Day 67:  Let’s all just calm down
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Day 68: Paint mixing moments
Day 69: Gumdrops keep falling on my head
Day 70: The art of filling in the gaps // To get a little better everyday is all we can hope for
Day 71: When in doubt, always go for pink
When I look back, I’ll remember Days 51-75 as a period of sudden creative growth in my early painting career. I now understand what it means to say that a lot can change in just a few weeks. Nothing is impossible, but it’s going to take a whopping amount of desire, a healthy dose of stubbornness and a daily exercise of following through with focus + action to make that change happen.
Day 72: GUMDROPS, 30×30 inches, commissioned by Xchosa!
Day 73: Where the sky meets the sea
Day 74: Discipline actualizes creativity
Day 75: Even if there’s just one moment of magic, just one corner of canvas that I really love, I can work with that. I’ll keep comin’ back the next day and let the canvas humble me.
After all, giving 99% is damn hard, but 100% is a breeze. Bea PS. I recently moved into a public Facebook page! Like here to stay tuned on Facebook.

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