Wanderland Music & Arts Festival is my favorite holiday ūüôā

Wanderland 2017-19.jpg
Poli’s fave holiday (aside from Christmas)

Attending every year (this¬†being my 3rd) only reminds me how quickly a year can fly by. This year’s¬†fest was slightly different because it was in Alabang which was great because the south is my turf and we ended up being with a bunch of friends we didn’t expect to see there.

The lineup was also impressively balanced¬†both for the local and international acts. Explosions in the Sky and Yuna were amazing. UDD was awesome as usual, and I enjoyed Tom’s Story too. Others loved Honne and Purity Ring blew my friends away. Headliner The Temper Trap was good, but the hour wait we had to endure ¬†at 1 AM kinda dampened the impact. But hands¬†down, LANY and The Ting Tings took the show for me!!!!

Wanderland 2017-1.jpg
Wanderland in the south!!!
Wanderland 2017-14
Woodrose Wanderbuddies
3rd Wanderland with this wanderbeast.
No, we’re not together. This is my lil bruh who I love dearly and who I took to Wanderland for the first time. (Photo by Erica Pelaez)
Wanderland 2017-27.jpg
~~~festival casuals~~~
Wanderland 2017-35
CarZee ‚̧ #portraitsbypoli
Wanderland 2017-25
Wanderland 2017-38
ILYSB, babe
Wanderland 2017-44
Queenie #portraitsbypoli
Wanderland 2017-54
Lexy #portraitsbypoli
Wanderland 2017-37
Ricabear & Teri
Wanderland 2017-51
This song was very special to us
But stay in the moment (Photo by Erica Pelaez)
Same (Photo by Zia Grimares)

I always hold high expectations for special¬†days but ironically enough I learned that the best moments are more often than not, fleeting and off-camera. Because picture perfect tends to pressure the precious out of the moment. I’m guilty of this just as much as the next person and I seriously struggle with attempting to collect moments and put them in my pocket at the cost of staying authentic to the Now.

Because honestly? The Now is messy and imperfect and won’t coordinate nicely with my Instagram feed. But it is still nice to curate for the sake of weaving good stories out of our time here, and filtering the fuck out of reality to¬†focus on the best 1-5% of the¬†present and choosing to embed that 1-5% into our memory of the day. But it should never take precedence over being fully present. It’s a tough lesson, learning to tread the fine line between carefully choosing the stories to¬†immortalize, and curating for the plain sake of others to see.

Either way, I recently decided that I want to experience more of real life through my own eyes and heart rather than living vicariously online or filtered through my camera lens.

Wanderland 2017-58
Wanderland 2017-60
Dance, brothers
Wanderland 2017-63.jpg
Jam so late to the partey
Wanderland 2017-62
Great, except for the hour wait ūüė¶
Wanderland 2017-52
We left right before Sweet Disposition. The irony is real.

Will we ever outgrow music festivals? Maybe, maybe not. But no matter what happens, Wanderland will always be that special time of year to celebrate being young, alive and wild.

It was such a good trip.


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