VIETNAMESE, PLEASE: Annam Noodle Bar is now in Manila!

The much-awaited Annam Noodle Bar brought to us by NamNam Noodle Bar Singapore is finally here!

NOW OPEN! Serving up Vietnamese goodness on the Ground Floor of the 1880 Building, Eastwood City, Libis.
CHEF NAM NGUYEN. Owner and Director Chef Nam founded NamNam Noodle Bar in Singapore in 2012 in partnership with the Les Amis Group. NamNam has bustling branches located in Jakarta as well.

Having opened just earlier this month at the heart of Eastwood City, Annam Noodle Bar is a quick-service casual dining restaurant serving Vietnamese Pho and Banh Mi. Inspired by the vibrant street food culture in Vietnam, expect to be won over by this concept’s repackaging of this unique cuisine into a nostalgic-yet-modern dining experience.

PHO-TASTIC. High quality Vietnamese Pho at reasonable prices. (P290-P400 / bowl)
BANH MI, PLEASE. Aptly described in the menu as “Toasted baguettes with savory meats topped with chicken pate, mayonnaise, hot chili peppers, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber and fresh cilantro.”

Annam’s menu is savory and delightfully simple composed of Classic Hanoi Pho, Banh Mi, Other Vietnamese Noodles (with or without soup) and Small Plates such as fresh rolls and salads. Staying true to Vietnamese street food with a modern twist, Annam’s flavors are what I would describe as elevated from your typical Viet palate. This modern interpretation is simply tastier than most pho’s out there and yet still as fresh as you would expect.

What’s also great about Annam’s food pho-losophy is that it’s healthy with NO MSG, affordable and convenient with a kitchen-to-table serving time of 7 minutes—that’s a promise!

POMELO SALAD. Made with pomelo, prawns, chicken, fresh herbs and peanuts.
VEGETARIAN SOUTHERN ROLLS & PEANUT SAUCE. Annam’s choices are perfect for on-the-go and health conscious individuals.

Of course, the Annam experience is completed by the authentic and well-thought out ambience which contrasts Vietnamese nostalgia with a modern industrial feel. Everything about the restaurant—from the vintage newspaper wallpaper and bright lanterns to the looped Saigon food trip video wall—is carefully curated to create the feeling of being transported to the streets of Vietnam all the while still maintaining the comforts and utility of a casual dining restaurant. Whether you’re dining by yourself at the noodle bar or with a big group, you’ll feel right at home at Annam.

NOODLE BAR. A signature feature at Annam is the open kitchen and noodle bar.

With a strong concept behind this restaurant’s food and unique ambience, all of these elements add up to Annam’s appeal which naturally attracts to both younger and older generations. Of course, Owner and Director Chef Nam’s attention to details both big and small is definitely a winning ingredient to Annam’s success.

ALL IN THE DETAILS. The Annam experience lives up to expectations 🙂


VISIT ANNAM. Located at the Ground Floor of the 1880 Building, Eastwood City.

Ultimately, my first-hand experience at Annam was definitely worth the wait. With good food + service + ambience, what’s not to love? Don’t miss out on this new restaurant at Eastwood!

Anyone up pho a date? 🙂


Learn more about Annam Noodle Bar here and follow them on social media, Facebook and Instagram, @annamnoodlebar!

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