I’ve been helping out the team behind Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas and we came up with this short impact film for the Grand Launch of our 24-week Power Training Program! The story behind this concept was to illustrate the duathletes’ journey from training to race day, transforming your own power to become a Powerman.

This is the full text of the script I wrote for this:

Run. Bike. Repeat. Every day, we get to choose. Every day, we ask ourselves: Will I use my power today? 
 Because power is showing up for training, day in and day out. Power is pushing through your weakest, power is breaking through your strongest. Power is running another mile, pedaling another round, training yet another day. Power is knowing that the finish line is just the beginning. 
 The race is not won just on race day. The race is won every day you use your power. 
 Every day, we get to choose.
Run. Bike. Repeat after me: I. Am. Powerman.

This film project was my favorite part of working with Powerman so far and it was also great being able to work with filmy friends from college! (Hi Yums and Feria!) It’s definitely been a challenge lately to balance my restaurant marketing life with Powerman events planning + passion projects and personal time, but nonetheless I’m learning new things every day and I really believe that with growth comes strength.

At this point, I feel a deep need to reconnect with the activities which bring out my creativity, but I also appreciate finding opportunities to be creative in the most unlikely and seemingly “unrelated” tasks, like organizing a race. You don’t always get to choose what comes into your life, but you do get to choose how to have fun with it and how to let it create you rather than destroy you.

Here’s to creating meaning and using your power in everyday life!


Directed by Yumi Catabijan
Filmed by Deej Fabian
Edited by Miguel Feria
Written by Bea Policarpio

Starring 2x Powerman World Champion Gael Le Bellec, and duathletes Ian Banzon and Charles Obe With special thanks to Anytime Fitness MOA, SM by the Bay, iC3 Photography, and Audiowav Radio

You into multi-sports, or even just biking and running? Register for Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas here and become a Powerman today!

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