THE DEFINING DECADE: Making the most out of my twenties

Dear reader, welcome to my official website!

I’m Bea and I’m a twenty-one year old self-described artist and entrepreneur based in Manila, Philippines. At this point in my life, I strongly feel that it’s about time to commit to a blog I can grow old with. What I want is an online home where I can document my creative pursuits, inspirations, and life (mis)adventures. So here we are!

It’ll take dedication to come up with quality content consistently, but I’m more than ready for the challenge and I’m already looking forward to how this website will grow and change with me (and you) over time! If I can make an impact on even just one reader out there by sharing who I am and what I do, I’ll have considered this project a success.

For my very first post, I’d like to share this motivation board I put together a few weeks back. Centering around the powerful theme of what you think, you becomeit’s a pretty accurate picture of what I’m all about during this season of my life:

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Just this March, I graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in BS Management and a double minor in Enterprise Development and English Literature. After some travels, soul-searching adventures, and creative experiments, the reality of my twenties caught up with me fast. What do I want the rest of my life to look like? What reasons make me jump out of bed every morning? What is my must

Like most people at this age, I’m still trying to connect the dots and find my footing in this ~adult~ world. But what I do know is I want to use creativity to make a difference, whether it be through art, literature, marketing, and brand new concepts.

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TWENTY-SOMETHING DREAMS. (And cash money wouldn’t hurt either haha)

Some of my big dreams include owning restaurants and clothing brands people can trust and love, writing and publishing meaningful novels, and making art that inspires and uplifts others.

More than anything, this website is for documenting my journey towards those goals and a space for sharing things that deeply interest me. What exactly inspires me? My top three answers would be art, literature, and adventures. Close runner-ups would be great films, eternal style, and amazing food.

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THE VIBRANT LIFE. Fill everyday with what makes you come alive.

But at the end of the day, I really believe that surrounding yourself with what you love doesn’t matter when you don’t have people to share it with. No matter how busy I’ll get in the years to come, I made a promise to myself to make space for the ones who make life worth living. Nothing makes my heart fuller than time spent with family and friends.

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THERE IS ONLY LOVE. Life is always better shared with others. There are so many more people I wish I could have fit into this tiny motivation board!

Of course, I know that life will probably throw me a fair share of storms and surprises during this “defining decade” but I’m confident that knowing who I am, what I love, and who matters to me will be enough for me to weather any change. And for everything else, I’ll just wing it. After all, what you think, you become.

Welcome to my world!


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